…to stay so thin?!

I get asked this all the freaking time.

Yes, I lost 60+ pounds. I did a strenuous diet program twice to get there!

Now that it’s gone, the work isn’t over. Here’s 6 ways I “stay so thin”. Quit asking.

1. Don’t drink your calories

Yes, soda is made of water. No, it’s not the same.

I only know of one soda that’s literally nothing plus nothing equals soda. Ask for it in the comments!Drink half your weight in ounces of water per day. Some days you’ll feel like throwing up (push through), some you’ll want more than half (so have it!)

You’ll also quickly find you pee like a horse a million times a day. Embrace the little breaks as they come.

Try drinking plain old water when you start to feel hungry. Sometimes when the body is used to eating freely it confuses the “thirst” pangs for the “hunger” pangs. See if you’re still hungry 20 mins after a full 8oz of water. Then that’s 8oz closer to your goal!

2. Skip breakfast

I never have time for breakfast anyway so this is an easy one for me that I “think” doesn’t have an explanation? If you’re hungry try the water trick above or straight black coffee. No creamer no fluff no stuff. Get used to it because…

3. Lay HARD off dairy

No milk, cheese sparingly, no yogurt 


4. Eat lunch

But don’t overindulge. Drink water and have salad or soup. Get to the point of full and recognize the difference from overfull. 

Get friendly with vegetables you think you don’t like for your salad. Limit dressings. All the goodness you put into a salad will mean nothing if you bog it down with calorie laden toppings.

Here’s a fun fact; one head of Romaine lettuce weighs about 12oz and converts to 84 calories. Eat the whole thing.

5. Eat dinner

Without overindulging. Have a larger meal since it’ll last you to lunch tomorrow. Stay easy on the pasta and bread. Keep your portions in check!! I use a salad plate instead of a dinner plate so less food will fit. That doesn’t mean I don’t pile it on top but at least I’m trying.

Rotate your proteins; if you have chicken one night have beef the next. Check out bean dishes too. I like to play with vegetarian food.

If it’s been long enough you might have different tastebuds now that’ll make you love what you once yucked.

6. No eating after 2 hours before bedtime

Get it? Basically no night snacking. If you go to bed at 8pm then you’re done eating by 6pm. Capiece?

Adjust your dinner time accordingly.

And that’s it really. I’m sure there’s other little subconscious things I do (like avoid sugar whenever possible) that I didn’t list but that’s a post for another time.

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