Ok, blogging is like the most time sucking thing I’ve ever attempted. Do you guys even know how many things I do in a day? I can’t be tied up writing them all down! Here’s the highlights of yesterday.

I know I’m behind but I was raised to say “You Get What You Get and You Don’t Give a Fit”. Bye.

This is a true concern. I make dinner so fast I think in my head “I should take a picture of what I’m doing” then look at my 90% completed meal and think “nope, too late”. Every gal dang night.

I made a crochet soap pocket yesterday so fast I was cinching up the ends and came to the same conclusion. But hey, there will be a pattern for that someday soon.

I started mowing my lawn, twice, and eventually ran out of gas. Lawn mower is still behind the house somewhere for the record.

Pre-running out of gas and ready to attack

I couldn’t find the hide a key at my mom’s and almost got eaten by a tarantula. Once I got in I let her nuts dogs play outside and bark and do their thing. 

While at my mom’s I learned what the cost of healthcare coverage is if you work for yourself. Decided I’ll be keeping that 9-5 a LOT longer than I anticipated.

I also spent a lot of time playing Gems of War. And if you don’t know, now you know n*.

So connect with me and catch me while I’m doing things at tiadoesemail@gmail.com

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