I’ve read a lot about how to make money blogging recently. It seems in all the numbered lists the domain host is always deemed a very important decision. I am with NameCheap, and this is my attempt at an affiliate post *wink below*

Based on the blogs I’ve read and previous life experiences I’ve had, I was sold on transferring to some other not-to-be-mentioned hosting site. I chose NameCheap in the past because circa November 2017 I was just broke and hopeless and wanted a blog more than anything. And it was literally cheap. Like $0.88 or something wild. So…

My domain also came with this app called EasyWP that helps set up all the back end of your WordPress blog so you don’t have to worry about things. All you have to do is check it every once in a while to make sure the green light is on…

Green Light!

Now that I’m slowly reviving the blog I’m realizing all the little maintenance things I should have been doing. Like checking for the green light every once in a while. 

As I left my blog weak and weary a small SSL component wore out or I never had one in the first place, or aliens attacked, whatever, and my site was mad and insecure and disallowing fans from accessing this high-quality content. (Of course I didn’t know this until meeting my friend Eugene  B in NameCheap’s Live Chat Support)

He explained the options on SSL and I ended up purchasing a package through NameCheap for 2 years for less than $16.00. I can deal with that kind of value. Eugene immediately saw that I had made the purchase and began giving me instructions and helpful input on installing my certificate. 

Eugene B helped me un-be an asshole for well over an hour. He was also super kind and patient when I Googled shit and made matters worse. He went in the back end and fixed stuff and was so peaceful and positive. 

“Let us wait.”

Eugene EVEN stayed with me to help me install WordPress 5.2.2 when it was giving me grief. Like, seriously, how nice is this? 

Just so stinkin’ polite

He was transferring me to someone else to help with the WordPress update when…

And here we are, days later


I ran downstairs and grabbed the plug furiously pressing the power button hoping someone would be there when it came back. No such luck, Jack. So I had to get BACK into the online chat and be like “WHERE FORE ART THOU EUGENE?!” I noticed along the way they have a pretty cool live chat setup. I have my own unique pin that tells them about my past conversations. Artyom M was like “oh, Eugene? he’s just around the corner here, hang on a sec.”

Stas D took over from there. Which was fine because that’s who Eugene was transferring me to anyway. Our short friendship had ended. Til next time.

As I was about to be like “Ok Stas so here’s the cliff notes version of what Eugene and I have been dealing with for over an hour” he said:

Stas kept working in the background while I was dead!

 I feel like when I was on the fence about changing hosts, Eugene saved the day. I never did reach out to the other host because of the great service I was given in my time of need.

In a world where people are just mean it was nice to work with people that seemed like they actually wanted to help me. And also that didn’t make me feel like a jerk for not knowing my ass from my ankle out here. After Eugene, Artyom, and Stas basically did all the work and I more or less spent time on Google and wrote this post, I will happily be staying with NameCheap.

So, if your Big Blue Daddy Gator’s got you down, try NameCheap. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to meet them too.

I signed up with CJ Affiliates to write this post! Holy Hannah are there LOTS of affiliates to learn about! I’m certain NameCheap will accept my application once they read this 😉

I used the help articles from the FREE plugin ReallySimpleSSL to update my Google Analytics and Search Console accounts too! No clue what they are yet but they seemed important!

Last but not least! I used the Honey web extension to find a coupon code for NameCheap making my 2 year SSL purchase ~$13.00 instead of what I said up there! Dang, I just checked the receipt and had forgotten all about it. Honey helps you find the BEST deals on everything! Use my code to sign up and we could both get free stuff!

Connect with me as always at tiadoesemail@gmail.com!

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