While I’m sitting here jamming to an ALL John Mayer playlist I just made via iMusic…

I’ve been learning about the moon and how lunar cycles affect people’s attitudes. It’s like the most interesting read I’ve had. Moonology by Yasmin Bolin. This queen is about to go Sun Pose in her yard at 7:30am on the 100% full moon and soak in some healing rays.

My 9 year old is amazing. Wherever he came from was heavenly and he’s matured A TON this summer. School soon already, whew!

I’m McGuyvering my way through getting all my pictures off my old phone so I can wipe it for him. I spent the better grip of a day with my bear at Verizon, being our ding dong selves; that was fun.

Oh! Then I was singing as the 1 man cover band to my celebrity husband (John C. Mayer, my husband knows, he gets to stay, it’s ok) and 9 said “Did you take singing lessons or something when you were a kid”? Why yes, young Padawan, yes I did.

So that was a nice compliment.

Oh and here’s a thing I’m crocheting…slowly…it worked better when I was traveling and on a plane/waiting in an airport.

It’s a neutrals blanket with screaming hot purple 😉

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