Since moving here, we have purchased over 40 chickens. 

I currently have 4.

3 of 4 eatin’ bugs

Do you know. Like even fathom it. How frustrating that is?!

I should have a chicken factory not 4 little babies hiding under a tree.

Truth be told, I bought 8 at the time, so here again I’m missing all my chickens up to the point of the last 4. Do they know that? Are they out in my yard just mad as hell that they’re dying? 

How are they dying? I haven’t seen a predator. We do have neighborhood cat (orange cat) but Wanda does a pretty good job of fighting him off. I don’t even think a cat would attack a chicken, do you? Comment below, I’m curious.

I have dogs too that never bother the chickens. One of them will gallop right into the depths of the woods if orange cat is around. Then he stays back there and sniffs it out before coming up to the house again.

Then my husband tells me, “I saw it today; it’s a fox!”

Well oil beef hooked.Tips on catching, deterring, or if needed, killing said fox? Connect with me at

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