Ever think about stuff you would say or do, if? Like “if I had a million dollars I’d say…” or “if someone did that to me I’d…”

Idk just a thought I had today.

I have an interesting approach to my food at home.

I’ve never liked to use more than the ingredients absolutely necessary. It is amazing how many physical possessions I have accumulated when I am so basic on my food.

“Recipe” below

I picked up this habit while doing a diet program where my meals could only consist of one meat, one fruit, and one veggie.

After the diet I was “allowed” to eat my normal foods but I also learned things about my nutrition and did genuinely feel/look better so I stuck to some of the habits.

Not to say I don’t chow on a bunch of shit I shouldn’t. Fast food is life and I will debate Taco Bell or Burger King any day. But it’s not every day and I eat lightly the rest of that day when I do. I also highly recommend dark chocolate covered almonds. It’s not a lie that moderation is key!

Don’t take second helpings! Make your butt sit still and find something to do. Read a book, clean your yard, take a nap, anything other than eat.

Don’t buy junk food! Like really just skip those aisles. Go from canned goods straight to the frozen section…bloop! I recently got into buying junk food to have on hand and I’m already like ugh. After too long you don’t miss it anymore (I promise). Then after eating it again your stomach is gurgly. Me anyway. Bleh.

Drink water, coffee or tea only! The thing about low calorie diets is they are super simple when you cut the sugary syrupy artificially colored drinks. Also, contrary to popular belief, milk does not do a body good and does not promote strong bones more than other more available sources. No other species on the planet drinks another planets’ infantile sustenance for their own longevity. Fight me. I only eat it with cereal or when cooking.

Eat clean! My definition of clean is to cook without fats, keep the food in its closest to natural state, and don’t over-season or over-sauce. Literally that thing I ate in the picture is 3 things and a shake of lemon pepper. I use butter sparingly. Never margarine (although Country Crock is delicious on toast). Usually I boil or pan fry my food using whatever oils naturally come out of it.

Find vegetables you like and eat A LOT of them! Make green veggies the center of your meals. “I don’t like vegetables.” Grow up. Eat your damn vegetables. Find some you like. Limit white potatoes and I watch my corn! One is a starch (sugar) and the other I have found has a weird effect on my bowels. I eat a lot of salad mixes with spinach or kale (start with romaine lettuce if salads are gross, then try other kinds and mixes) and NO DRESSING. Use salt and pepper. I’m serious as a heart attack. Salt and pepper are the two simplest seasonings that add so much flavor. I also eat a lot of broccoli, carrots, peas, tomatoes, beans, and I try different ones a lot. Recently red cabbage.

I’m sure there’s other great tips I know but maybe I’ll cover those when I remember them at a later time in my life.

So. How to make that beautiful broccoli up there:

1 Broccoli head

12 Salami slices

2oz Colby block cheese

Lemon pepper

  • Cut up your broccoli head to whatever size pieces you like. I prefer them more or less the way they grow unless they’re super thick. I also only use the “arm” part? If the arm is huge I cut it in half.
  • Put your pieces in a saucepan and fill with water to cover. Bring pot to a boil.
  • Throw in however many salami slices you want (I do 12 per head). Top with a few shakes of lemon pepper. Boil 5-7 mins.
  • While boiling, shred your Colby cheese on the largest size of your grater. Set aside.
  • Drain broccoli/salami when broccoli is bright green and almost tender to bite. In the above pic I cut it into a zillion pieces bc that plate was photographed then plopped in front of a baby so…yep.
  • Top it with cheese and eat.


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