Man. What good people. Just all of them. Even if they aren’t. Talking to people can change your day. 

First things first; I took a super photo in a well-lit kitchen of my beauty food I’ll be writing out someday. Soon I hope because it’s DELISH! There’s a tofu hotdog buried on the bottom and I’m digging the BK sauce as well. Low key.
But anyway, back to people. 

They’re just good, unique individuals. So say hi, walk up to strangers to ask for help, when you see someone who needs help (like when they’re lost) figure it out with them. Like TRY to make a friend and see what happens.

We weren’t meant to be alone.

People need people.

BUT WAIT! There’s always more!!

I went to my calendar to see how may blogs are behind on my totally-achievable-if-I-don’t-fall-behind-blog post schedule and I found something. I’m a day late and dollar short but sure as shit here to party!

I posted yesterday bc I WAS/am behind but I’m just moving forward. So. I was also on my schedule supposed to write that day but it didn’t happen because I had to repost my anniversary blog.

So today, the next day, August 9, 2019? Blogging. A day late and well fed. Amen.

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