This post is solely based on my personal life experience.

One thing we’re guaranteed in life is change. Morning, night, work, sleep, anger, happiness, life, death. Changes we’ve grown to accept.

Here’s a chemical change!The changes that shake us most are the sudden ones. The seemingly too early alarm clock, the sooner setting sun, getting fired, a snap argument, a surprise joke, a long desired pregnancy, an unexpected departure.

How do we deal with these changes?

I have finally found a way to express something that is really exciting for my personal growth.

3 Steps to Trust Yourself and Accept Change

Grab some paper, sugar. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.


STEP 1. Find Your God

Your God isn’t anyone else’s. You may not even call it God. It’s an all encompassing embodiment of whatever core values you have convictions in your heart for.

Read that again.

It’s an all encompassing embodiment of whatever core values you have convictions in your heart for.

Focus on a key part.

Convictions in Your Heart

Sit on that for a minute.

I’ll wait.

STEP 2. Write it Down

Don’t tell me. Don’t tell your mom. Don’t tell your best friend.

Write your convictions.

Wether you have 1 or 1,000 these unbreakable truths define your reality.

They’re really important.

STEP 3. Breathe

That was intense for a blog post. Sorry.

What you choose to do with your written conviction is up to you. Tape it to your mirror, rip it to shreds, bury it in the yard, paint it into a mural.

Make peace with that shit.

Know that no matter what changes you encounter your God is there for you.

You are there for you.

And that, my friends, is how I learned the importance of dough size when making a batch of cookies. They don’t expand as much as you think they will. A batch is 5 dozen which SOUNDS like a lot but really is 60. 5 trays with a dozen each. Or if you have giant cookie sheets (like me) that fit 2 dozen on one sheet you could probably squeeze all 5 on one. I promise they don’t melt down that much. Oh and use the recipe from the back of the milk chocolate chips bag. No nuts.


Hey girl, hey

5 Replies to “Accepting Changes”

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